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Living Multi™ Optimal Women's Formula
With Homeostatic Nutrient™ Complexes

Price: CAD $42.50 / 90 caplets
          CAD $76 / 180 caplets

 Living Multi™ Optimal Women's Formula

  • Specifically designed for women looking for an effective and complete multi-nutrient formula

  • Contains a specific formulation of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals that meet the unique nutritional needs of women

  • Designed to balance the hormone system, stimulate the immune system and enhance energy levels

  • Contains over 70 whole foods including 23 fruits, 20 vegetables, 11 tonic mushrooms, nine ocean plants and 10 botanicals

  • Contains Homeostatic Nutrient™ complexes which contain all necessary co-factors for proper absorption and utilization: enzymes, probiotics and organic acids