Eczema may be caused by an abnormal function of the immune system. Under stressful situations, the production of a stress hormone called cortisol is increased, leading an increased amount of inflammation and prostaglandin synthesis. This can exacerbate eczema flare–ups.

Contact eczema can be triggered by substances that come in contact with the skin, such as soaps and detergents, rubber gloves, cleaning products, cosmetics lotions and creams, make–up products, clothing, detergents, jewelry, or sweat.

Environmental allergens may also cause outbreaks of eczema. Changes in temperature or humidity, or even psychological stress, for some people lead to outbreaks of eczema.

Here is a list of causes that can cause / worsen eczema:

  1. Allergies to plants, chemicals, foods

  2. Intolerance to foods

  3. Certain drugs

  4. Stress

  5. Vitamin or mineral deficiencies

  6. Essential fatty acid deficiencies

  7. Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome

  8. Celiac disease, and small intestine malabsorption syndrome

  9. Certain physical or psychological disorders

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