At our clinic we offer the following naturopathic therapies and testing for your health and wellbeing. If you are interested in a specific therapy or a test, please call the clinic at 416 913 4325 to get more information or schedule an appointment.

Toronto Naturopathic Health Services And Medical Testing

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

We offer acupuncture using only the finest Sierin acupuncture needles and moxa or cupping, if needed. Dr. Shah will do a tongue and pulse diagnosis before treatment and may suggest specific dietary changes and traditional Chinese botanical formulas if indicated. We offer acupuncture for various medical conditions such as musculoskeletal conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, menstrual problems and fertility issues, stress management, among other health issues. We also offer cosmetic acupuncture for natural facial rejuvenation.

Botanical Medicine

As part of your treatment plan, our Naturopathic Docotor may suggest herbal supplements, teas, botanical solutions, tinctures, linaments and salves for a variety of conditions depending on the diagnosis.

Nutrition and Diet Counselling

Individualized diet changes along with nutrient recommendations for health promotion and disease treatment may be suggested as part of your treatment plan once your naturopathic assessment is complete.

Homeopathic Medicine

We do offer homeopathic medicines at our naturopathic clinic for our clients. Homeopathic Medicines comprise of minute doses of plant, animal and mineral substances that are used for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, acute situations and symptoms. A very gentle yet very effective way of treatment using the “Law of similars” (like cures like).

Prevention and Life Style Modification / Counselling

Naturopathic Medicine is all about assessment of risk factors and then treating them through various health programs to modify behaviour emphasizing self-responsibility and prevention of disease. So as part of your treatment plan. Dr. Shah, ND will suggest lifestyle modifications if needed.


One of the oldest known therapies that dates back to the seventeenth century. Hydrotherapy uses the healing power of hot and cold water to aid in the treatment of certain physiological dysfunctions of the body and to aid in healing the body faster by increasing circulation and the detoxification process of the body.

Naturopathic Doula Services

Sushma Shah, ND has completed her naturopathic doula training as of March 2015 and offers naturopathic doula services for moms–to-be who are looking for naturopathic doula services during labor for mums, dads and their newborn. She has already been offering pre and post – natal care for moms to be for the past 13 years.

Specialized Medical Testing

We offer highly specialized and sensitive medical testing at our naturopathic clinic. Our laboratory testing offers you insight into what is going on with your body physiologically and aids our naturopath in diagnosing / assessing your health issues accurately to pin point the root cause of your underlying symptoms.

What Kind Of Laboratory Testing Do We Offer At Our Naturopathic Clinic?

Our Naturopathic doctor has access to a wide number of specialised laboratories, which offer various standard and specialized blood, urine, hair, saliva and stool testing.

We also offer cutting edge specialized testing to aid in the early diagnosis of disease and the quantification of the processes that usually precede clinical disease.

Testing Includes


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, sometimes just referred to as therapy or counselling, is a service provided to you, which focuses on your well-being. Generally, in session, individuals spend some time thinking, talking, and / or planning around any issues they feel are important to process through. Therapy can also be an opportunity to work on areas of the self that one feels are imbalanced in any way. It is also quite common for therapy to be referred by other kinds of practitioners (e.g. doctors, teachers), or recommended by loved ones, peers, employers or friends.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (or cognitive behavioral therapies or CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognition's through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure (Butler, Chapman, Foreman and Beck, 2006). The therapist works with the client in isolating negative thought (cognition) patterns are directly influencing or perpetuating harmful, destructive or limiting actions (behaviors). The aim is to re-construct the negative patterns into ones that are helpful, honest, and progressive. The result is that change will manifest at a practical level for the client in their everyday actions, in what and how they do things, as well as create a heightened sense of self-awareness so as to prevent the negative cycles from returning.

In CBT, the client should expect to be an active participant, this is not a passive form of therapy, it requires interaction between the client and therapist, so that the client can be directly involved in the process. CBT also works well in conjunction with other approaches, and can easily be integrated with other forms of therapy to according to client needs and preferences.

The roots of CBT can be traced to the development of behavior therapy in the early 20th century (Butler, Chapman, Foreman and Beck, 2006) originating from the Behavioural Therapeutic work of Mary Cover Jones in 1924, and Cognitive Therapeutic approaches developed in 1937 by Abraham Low. The merging of the two approaches occurred in the 1960’s; ever since CBT has been empirically proven to provide the client with highly successful results. Today, CBT is still one of the most widely used forms of psychotherapy in the West, and information on is extremely accessible via the internet or through academic journals.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Osteopathic Therapy is a specialized form of Osteopathy that uses a combination of osteopathic and cranio-sacral techniques to provide a gentle non-obtrusive manipulation within the Cranial Sacral Area to calm, relax and heal using cranial-sacral balancing.


Hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject's behavior, emotional content and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions obesity, substance abuse, pain, ego, anxiety, stress, amnesia, phobias, and matters of performance.

Massage Therapy

The purpose of massage therapy is to undo the stress and damage that the muscles endure for whichever reasons. When muscles become stressed, they tend to block oxygen and nutrients, which leads to inflammation. This inflammation builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. A massage will help the muscles release the toxins, while getting the blood and oxygen circulating properly. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water after a massage to assist the body in getting rid of these toxins.

Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating injured parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. Osteopathy can be beneficial for the treatment of acute pain from a current injury or disorder and for the treatment of chronic pain following past injuries or health problems.


Reiki is a Japanese touch therapy for relaxation and pain relief that also promotes healing and spiritual development. Although Reiki is "hands-on", unlike massage, Reiki is administered through a very gentle touch.

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is a sophisticated medical massage used to treat injuries, joint and muscle problems and internal disorders. Tui Na techniques and manipulations are rigorous. It involves applying finger pressure, hands, elbows and knees as a tool to directly influence the flow of Qi (body energy) to treat disease and illnesses. Tui Na is also used to protect health by building immunity, so that disease can be stopped in its beginning acting as a preventative medical care. It involves a deep tissue massage to various acupuncture points without the use of needles. In many cases it is used for children, seniors and for individuals who may be afraid of needles.

Corporate and Public Seminars

Our naturopathic Doctor provides public and corporate seminars for various events. She has done numerous seminars and lectures at various companies. We also offer onsite health assessments for your staff. Please contact us if your company is interested in having a Health and Wellness Seminar, a Lunch and Learn Series of seminars, or Health Assessments for the staff.

* DISCLAIMER: The information on this article is the property of Dr. Sushma Shah, Naturopathic Doctor, and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases or promote any services or products mentioned on the website.

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