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Monthly archive for April 2016

Satisfying The Sweet Tooth And Sugar Cravings

It is 3:00 pm, you are at work, still have a few hours to go before you head home, and suddenly you crave something to satisfy your sweet tooth. That chocolate bar sounds perfect right about now? Right? If you are like me, you probably crave a

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Helpful Tips On Newborn Care

Having a new born in the house can be extremely joyful but also very overwhelming at the same time. They do not usually come with a guidebook – and being a first time mum can be very difficult for a lot of women especially if you do

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Are Artificial Flavours And Colors In Food Safe For Us And Our Children?

Flavourings are used in a variety of different foods such as soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, ice creams, baked goods, puddings, gelatins and other desserts, just to name a few. Most of these flavourings are considered fairly safe when used in modest amounts. There are also “flavour

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Should You Be Getting The Flu Shot?

Its that time of the year where its getting colder and windy, people are coming into work with the sniffles, which you are trying to avoid like the plague, right? And you think, I should go get my flu shot or should you? Lets start with the

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Amazing Uses Of Camomile / Chamomile

Camomile has been used for centuries for various different ailments, be it as a tea or as a compress or as a homeopathic remedy or in a cream as an essential oil. Here is a short list of the amazing uses of camomile that you might not

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Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul they say, and the way we can see the world, so it is important to care for them just like we do all the other organs in our body. Due to our obligations to the society and a fast

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Natural Body Powders To Keep You Dry This Summer

  Body powders are great for absorbing excess perspiration, especially in this summer heat for adults and babies, and also great for reducing chafing and irritation especially in between thighs and under the breasts. Unfortunately for us, most commercial brands contain talc or talcum powder, which is

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Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Natural Recommendations For Hemorrhoids  Here is a list of natural recommendations that may be helpful if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Eat foods that are high in dietary fiber, such as wheat bran, fresh fruits, and primarily vegetables. Apples, beets, Brazil nuts, broccoli, foods in the cabbage

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Treating Yeast Infections Naturally

Suffering from a Vaginal infection? Irritation? Redness and Swelling in the vaginal area? Lots of white discharge with a musty yeasty smell? These are all symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection which can be caused a fungi, called Candida Albicans. Candida is a normal inhabitant in the

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Natural Therapies To Improve Your Heart Health And Unclog Arteries

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of deaths in North America. Based on statistics Canada, one person dies every 7 minutes due to a heart attack or stroke, and it costs the health care system about 20 billion dollars each year in lost wages,

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