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Keeping On Top Of Allergies

Food And Environment Allergies As the Spring season kicks off, it brings with it warmer weather, rain, melting snow, and the dreaded POLLEN and our reaction of hay fever to it. More children seem to have allergies today than ever before. There are many theories to explain

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Building And Maintaining Our Immunity – Our Bodies’ Greatest Defense System

Immune System

Immunity – Our Greatest Defence System Our immune system is our army of soldiers of different ranks that help maintain balance and structure within the body when there is invasion of any unfavorable particulates in our body. When our immunity is suppressed or weakened we are more

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Marijuana – Should You Or Should You Not Use It?


What Is Marijuana or Cannabis? Marijuana has received lots of attention recently with possibility of now being legalized in Canada, and I am sure a lot of you are wondering about if it is safe to use? Does it have health benefits? Are there long- term side

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Weight Loss Tips By A Naturopathic Doctor

  Have you every tried to loose weight? Have you ever tried different diets and had some success but then gained the weight you lost back after a few months of stopping the diet? Or have you been on diets your whole life, stressed and always cautious

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Caffeine – What It Is And What The Effects Of Caffeine Are On Your Body


What Is Caffeine? Caffeine has become a commonly used substance all over the world. It was originally used among cultures around the globe for ceremonies or stimulation but has since become a regular and overused energy stimulant for the Western world with North America being the highest

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Satisfying The Sweet Tooth And Sugar Cravings

It is 3:00 pm, you are at work, still have a few hours to go before you head home, and suddenly you crave something to satisfy your sweet tooth. That chocolate bar sounds perfect right about now? Right? If you are like me, you probably crave a

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Helpful Tips On Newborn Care

Having a new born in the house can be extremely joyful but also very overwhelming at the same time. They do not usually come with a guidebook – and being a first time mum can be very difficult for a lot of women especially if you do

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Are Artificial Flavours And Colors In Food Safe For Us And Our Children?

Flavourings are used in a variety of different foods such as soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, ice creams, baked goods, puddings, gelatins and other desserts, just to name a few. Most of these flavourings are considered fairly safe when used in modest amounts. There are also “flavour

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Should You Be Getting The Flu Shot?

Its that time of the year where its getting colder and windy, people are coming into work with the sniffles, which you are trying to avoid like the plague, right? And you think, I should go get my flu shot or should you? Lets start with the

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Amazing Uses Of Camomile / Chamomile

Camomile has been used for centuries for various different ailments, be it as a tea or as a compress or as a homeopathic remedy or in a cream as an essential oil. Here is a short list of the amazing uses of camomile that you might not

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