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Food Allergies versus Food Intolerances / Sensitivities

What is the difference between Food Allergies and Food Intolerances / Sensitivities? An allergy is a specific biological response that is mediated by the immune system producing IgE antibodies. The symptoms of allergies include itching, hives, and rashes, swelling and gastrointestinal upset which are caused due to

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Guidelines For Choosing Natural Supplements

These days, when you go into a health store or even grocery stores, you see aisles that are full of different natural supplements from various different companies and of course price ranges, so how are you to choose the right supplement for you? While there are no

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Can Food Dyes Cause Hyperactivity In Kids?

This is a debate that has been ongoing for a while with parents. As a naturopathic doctor, having treated many kids with ADD and ADHD, I would have to say ABSOLUTELY YES … 1 – 6 % of the children suffer from hyperactivity and or attention deficit

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Treating Spring Time Allergies Naturally

Spring time is finally here, and so are the allergens in the air that cause so many to suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and other more dramatic  symptoms such as hives and eczema flare ups.  Majority of the people will run to the pharmacy and

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Natural Ways Of Decreasing Stress In Life

Life presents us with talks and turns which for most part are a learning experience and something to build on. If we had no ups or downs, no bends and turns, life would be boring or empty, which may be sufficient for some people, but not for

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Natural Treatment For Depression

Anybody who has gone through a bout of depression knows the highs and the real lows that come with it. Moods and thoughts wander like the clouds and the winds chasing them, and during those deep valleys of low moments, nothing makes you feel better. NOTHING!! This

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Treating Diverticulitis Naturally

Diverticulitis is a condition where the diverticula are perforated and become infected and inflamed. Diverticula are little sac like pouches (grape or pea sized) that can protrude in the intestinal wall. Constipation sufferers generally suffer from these. Poor eating habits, smoking, stress, family history of diverticulitis, obesity,

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Is Naturopathic Medicine Helpful For Treating Asthma, Eczema Or Allergies?

Naturopathic medicine is alternative or complementary medicine that treats various health ailments with natural therapies. Naturopathic care of asthma, eczema and allergies is based on healing the symptom as well as identifying the cause of the allergies, asthma or eczema. Naturopathic doctors usually work to treat the

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Loss Of Hair Due To Loss Of Sleep?

Hair loss can occur as a result of many imbalances in the body, but can hair loss be effected by loss of sleep or insomnia? The answer to this question is YES. Usually a significant lack of sleep or chronic restless sleep will affect hair loss. Why

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Can My Shampoo Or Conditioner Cause Acne?

Here is a question that has been boggling quite a few clients who have been suffering from acne on their shoulders, back and hairline. Can acne be caused by or worsen due to shampoo and conditioner use? The answer to this question is may be yes, especially

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