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What Are Some Of The Symptoms Or Manifestations Of Allergies?

Quite often when people think about allergies or allergy symptoms, they think about the runny nose, itchy eyes and redness in the eyes, hives, sneezing and anaphylactic reactions – like throat swelling or closing up. However, here is a list of symptoms / manifestations of allergies that

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Cold And Flu Prevention

This year the flu season seems to be worse than the ones we had in the previous years. I wonder if its related to the unusual weather patterns we have been experiencing or if whether people have been enduring more stress than usual this past year (due

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Healthy Naturopathic Resolutions For 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing everyone a Healthy 2015! I am sure everyone has some resolutions set out for them this year, here are the five that topped my chart for healthy naturopathic resolutions for 2015: 1/ Sleep well – It is very important for the body

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Managing Your Emotional Health In A Positive Way

As this year draws to a close and the weather is gets colder, people have a tendency to want to stay indoors and warm in their homes and cozy up close to the fireplace. The beginning of a new year is quite often gloomy for some as

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Managing Your Moods Naturally

Looking at the grey skies and snow today, i was wondering how everyone is feeling today? And how their moods are going to change with the shorter darker days, with snow and slush. A lot of people who suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder– can feel

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Natural Sources of Vitamin D

With the Fall setting in, the amount of sunshine we are generally exposed to is reduced significantly. Hence if you do get the winter blues or the seasonal affective disorder, it is very important to top up your vitamin D levels naturally or by supplementing with Vitamin

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Treating Sinusitis / Chronic Sinusitis Naturally

Sinusitis or chronic sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses which may be caused due to various reasons such as colds, flu, infections, systemic fungal infections such as candidiasis, poor diets and often allergies ( food and environmental). Symptoms of sinusitis include: – nasal congestion and stuffiness with

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Treating Bites, Stings And Rashes Naturally

With summer in full swing, most people send their free time outdoors doing lots fun filled activities such as gardening, camping, hiking, canoeing, swimming you name it. While being outdoors is fun and enjoyable, it can also be painful and itchy with all the bug bites, bee

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7 Tips For Seasonal Allergy Relief

  Seasonal Allergy Most people suffer from various allergies especially when the Spring season rolls around, ranging from pollen to dust to weeds and grasses. Runny and red eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchy and congested noses and fatigue are all common symptoms of allergies.   Naturopathic tips for

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What Causes Adult Acne?

Do suffer from adult acne? Did you suffer from acne during puberty, which improved and has now returned with a vengeance? Do you suffer from cystic acne around the jaw and chin line which is painful and hard to treat?  Have you tried all kinds of medications

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