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Reiki Questions

How to choose a Reiki Teacher

March 28, 2016

Long time ago (2003) I decided to learn more about energy healing and at that time the Usui Reiki system felt like the right place to start. I’ve already had some training in Bio-energy healing and I was also practicing meditation and other spiritual practices for more than 7 years. As I was looking to learn Reiki I went through the process of choosing a Reiki teacher. How did I do that? Well, here is my list of 5 steps (requirements) that I’ve used when I was looking for a qualified teacher.

  1. The name of the course – The name of the Reiki course (style) advertised as being Usui Reiki, should be as close as possible to the original name “Usui Reiki” (if Usui Reiki system is what you’re looking for to learn). This will tell you that maybe you are close to finding a teacher who will teach you the original Usui Reiki. If the Reiki style has a different name than the teacher should have an explanation (motive) of why the name has been changed.
  2. Teacher’s experience – Usually the more students a particular teacher has taught, the more likely the teacher is capable of performing the Reiki attunements (initiation) correctly. An experienced teacher will be able to answer most of your questions and during the course will also give you many examples from his / her practical experience.
  3. The type of training offered – I’ve always preferred to attend a smaller class rather than going into a crowded one where there will be a limited amount of time available to interact directly with the teacher. Getting a one-on-one Reiki training is very hard to find these days and it should be considered as a bonus. Then there is also the other aspect called the Reiki attunement. The attunement is a process during which the Reiki teacher will transmit to the student the ability to work with the Reiki energy. It takes a minimum 15 minutes per student to do this correctly. The bigger the class the longer it will take to attune all the students. This is where the length of the Reiki course will differ.
  4. The length of the course – The minimum amount of time for each Reiki class should be 6 to 8 hours. Some teachers may offer two days of training for each Reiki level. This usually happens when the classes are larger than 5 students or when they teach just a few hours each day. This will allow for a more practice time, however it is not always necessary. Many Reiki schools will teach each Reiki level during a one day of training, then during the each month they will offer you a separate class, free of charge, to practice Reiki. The Reiki Teacher / Master level course should allow for more practice time, because during the class the student has to learn how to perform Reiki attunements.
  5. Use your intuition – After reading the course ad, the small prints, talking to the teacher on the phone or through email, looking at the teacher’s picture (if any) – USE your gut feeling, your intuition to decide. If you feel that maybe something is not right keep searching. There are many teachers out there. Choose one that resonates with you!