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How to Prepare For a Reiki Attunement

March 28, 2016

Over the years I’ve been asked many times about how should a Reiki student prepare for the first Reiki class. The questions usually were about avoiding alcohol, cigarettes or eating vegetarian food before the Reiki attunement.

First let’s talk about the Reiki attunement for a moment. By definition the Reiki attunement is a process / technique performed by the Reiki Teacher in order to activate the Reiki symbols introduced in the energy field of the student at the level of the head and in the middle of the palms.

It is a complex technique that involves a good breathing control on the part of the teacher, the visualization and the drawing of different Reiki symbols and the insertion of these symbols into the student energy field.

It also means that the state of health of the energy field of the student can allow for an easy attunement or it can impede to a certain degree the attunement process.

For example if a Reiki student has different negative energies in his aura (energy field) that have created energy blockages, tensions, then during the attunement when the teacher is trying to activate the Reiki symbols and certain energy meridians these blockages may impede this process.

Since the Reiki attunement is the most important part of the Reiki course, here are some suggestions that will help the student to better prepare for the Reiki attunement:

  • Avoid alcohol for at least a week. Instead drink more natural juice full of vitamins and minerals.
  • If possible avoid smoking for at least 1 week to allow the energy meridians of your lungs to improve.
  • Regarding the foods you eat, try not to eat anything heavy the evening before the class. The quality of the foods we eat will definitely reflect in the state of health of our energy field. My own Reiki teacher, who is a person with exceptional clairvoyance abilities once told me that if a person will become vegetarian, then in ~ 7 years the quality of their energy will improve so much that naturally they will start to manifest healing abilities. You do not have to become a vegetarian to practice Reiki. Having a healthy diet will keep you healthy and will be a plus when trying to help others.
  • Have a good night sleep (at least 8 hours) before the Reiki class.

After the Reiki attunement it will take 2 to 3 weeks for the changes in the energy field to stabilize. During those 2 to 3 weeks the student is encouraged to practice self treatment. This way they will improve the state of their energy field. Then you can work on other people too.