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Reiki for Children

Initiating Children in Reiki

March 28, 2016

In December 2007, I had the opportunity to attend the Reiki Practice Day of my Reiki Teacher, Master Navara. He was very kind and allow me to ask many questions including some that my Reiki student asked me during the Reiki class.

One of my questions was: “Is it OK to give Reiki attunements to children?”

His answer was: YES! But with certain conditions:

  • We can give Reiki initiation for Reiki Level 1 to children age 7 and up.
  • Reiki Level 2 can be given to children age 12 – 14.
  • Higher Reiki levels should be given to high school students.

 The children should use the Reiki energy only for themselves and not to treat other people. This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. The subtle energy layers of a child (the aura) is still developing. It is not good to expose their aura to negative energies and diseases of other people.
  2. During a Reiki treatment there is a small risk that the therapist may collect negative energies from the client. This is why the therapist will perform certain self-purification techniques at the end of each Reiki treatment session. The children will not be so careful and as such they run a higher risk of experiencing negative side effects.