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Treating Constipation Naturally

People suffering from constipation often tend to do various cleanses and diets, which seem to find helpful for a few days or months and then their symptoms of gas, bloating and constipation recur. The thing that I have found to be most beneficial for my patients is

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Treating Hair Loss Naturally

There are a lot of natural products available in the market for hair loss, however a lot of times patients find that they are not very beneficial or helped a little, but not really. At the clinic we always get patients to try and focus on why

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Allergies And Weight Gain – Is There A Connection?

I have found that in several of my patients who tend to have a lot of food intolerances seem to be the ones who tend to gain weight just by smelling the food, so is there a connection? Here is my hypotheses – if you eat foods

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Simple Small Changes To Increase Your Energy Levels

8 out of 10 patients have reported a huge change in energy, sleeping patterns and digestion by following a simple suggestion of drinking lemon with warm water upon rising … how amazing!

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