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Eating Your Way Out Of Colitis

Colitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestine which can cause various symptoms such as constant abdominal pain with foods, persistent diarrhea, rectal bleeding and urgency to defecate unto 15 – 20 times a day. It can be quite severe in some individuals and can make

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Facial Skin Care

Whatever you skin type is – oily, dry, normal or sensitive, it is very important to have a daily skin care routine to keep the skin healthy and glowing and to keep your complexion radiant. Ideally it would be good to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize the

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Growth Hormone – What Is It And How Is It Tested?

The Growth Hormone  is gaining popularity these days especially among personal trainers and body builders who are looking to build lean body mass and decrease body fat, and those that are looking to defy  the aging process and stay youthful, so what is the growth hormone (

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What Causes An Itchy Bottom?

Although an embarrassing subject to talk about, a lot of people do suffer for an itchy bottom (also known as pruritis ani). Its a very common condition in children quite often caused by pin worms and parasites, what causes it in adults and how do you treat

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How To Care For Your Liver

Your liver is a very important organ with some key functions which include: 1. Metabolizing carbohydrates – Your liver stores glycogen and is a main source of plasma glucose. 2. Fat metabolism – Fats are broken down by an enzyme called lipase. Your liver is central breaking

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Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are seeds from the Chia plant, they do not have any much taste at all which makes it taste best in mixing with different source of foods to give it a little bit of flavor. I usually like to add mine to yogurt, cereal and

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What Is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is an illness that is caused by an intolerance or sensitivity to GLUTEN, a substance found primarily in wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt. Celiac disease can first appear in childhood or adulthood, and the symptoms can range from very mild to severe. The most severe

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Natural Solutions For Age Spots

Brown spots or age spots as we call them can appear on any part of the body that is over exposed to the sun. For very light skinned individuals, we see pigmented spots called freckles which come and go depending on the amount of sun exposure the

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Treating Eye Conditions Naturally

There are various eye conditions such as styes, pink eyes, conjunctivitis, black eyes and eye strain. With pink eye and conjunctivitis – there is sensitivity and redness in the eyes, there maybe some itching, a feeling of sand in the eyes, with tearing of the eyes. Eye

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Picking The Best Sunscreens For The Summer

The rate of skin cancer diagnoses among Americans has jumped by nearly a third and the melanoma incidence rate is up 159 percent! A variety of factors have likely contributed to that spike, including tanning fads, poor-quality sunscreens and general skin care laziness.  As the sun beats down

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