Absenteeism costs companies more than ever. At Nature’s Intentions Naturopathic Clinic we strongly believe that the key to health is prevention. By following a well balanced lifestyle, through regular exercise and healthy food choices and increased water intake, adequate sleep and competent stress management skills, your employees will notice an increase in their energy level and concentration, a stronger immune system, and increased endurance and reduced stress, hence increased productivity.

When your employees are healthy, they take fewer sick days. Employee satisfaction improves because team morale, commitment and loyalty improve, resulting in better productivity and higher quality performance.

According to the latest Ipsos-Reid survey conducted with Warren Shepell, Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPAO) conference participants indicate that factors contributing to absenteeism and/or health costs in the workplace include:

  • Depression/anxiety/other mental health disorders - 66%

  • Stress - 60%

  • [Negative] Relationship with supervisor or manager - 44%

  • Co-worker conflict in the workplace - 28%

Other factors prompting employees to call in sick are:

  • Childcare issues - 20%

  • Parenting issues - 21%

  • Addictions or substance use / abuse issues - 20%

  • Addictions or substance use / abuse issues - 20%

  • Eldercare issues - 19%

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