What if you could evaluate your genetic predispositions to virtually all of the most pervasive, disabling, and deadly degenerative diseases of our time, including heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, cancer, and senile dementia?

At the Nature’s Intentions Naturopathic Clinic, we offer genetic testing that will allow you to identify your genetic predispositions to various diseases simply using your mouth wash rinse or a blood sample, and then develop and implement a carefully targeted, customized intervention plan even before pre-disease imbalances are manifest.

The various genetic profiles we offer allows our naturopathic doctor to assess your genetic variations whose expression is influenced by modifiable factors like toxic exposure, lifestyle habits, diet, supplement regimens, and biochemical imbalances.

Our Naturopathic doctor uses the information stored in each person’s genes to reveal disease risks and to help each individual lead a healthier life though focused prevention and individualized treatment.

Genes provide the key to a wealth of information unique to each individual that, once unlocked, can serve as a comprehensive guide to a healthier life. By identifying specific genetic risk factors and changes in dietary, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and medications that are most likely to improve each patient’s health, genetic testing enables our naturopathic doctor, Sushma Shah to practice truly individualized preventive medicine.

With this level of genetic testing, our Naturopathic Doctor can now provide a previously unseen "glimpse" into your potential health future, empowering our naturopathic doctor to modify the expression of disease years before a condition begins to develop.


  1. Predictive Assessment

    Genetic testing provides the foundation for more effective, timely, and customized preventive strategies based on each patient’s unique genetic predisposition. This provides all health-conscious patients with the expanded insight they need to adopt more effective and focused risk-minimizing strategies to improve and protect their health.

  2. Familial Associations

    Patients with family history of a certain disease can learn if they have inherited a genetic predisposition for this condition and, if so, what they can specifically do to "break the pattern" and better prevent it.

  3. Challenging Patients

    Genetic testing provides insight into individual genetic variations that can help explain why certain patients may not be responding to clinical interventions that normally produce favorable outcomes.


Using a small sample of blood, the genetic tests our naturopathic clinic provides evaluates specific portions of the genetic code that vary from person to person. These variations are called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced “snips”) for short.

Everyone has SNPs — they’re what make us different from one another — our hair color, our voices, our height—even aspects of our personality. In this way, SNPs are the very seat of individuality. Some SNPs also may make people more susceptible or more resistant to specific diseases, may make their bodies respond differently to certain diets and lifestyles and may increase the likelihood that certain drugs trigger severe side effects.

The testing our Toronto naturopathic doctor provides focuses only on SNPs in the genetic code that are associated with common health conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, allergies and asthma, for which simple treatment strategies exist to reduce risk.

Testing also evaluates SNPs that affect how each person’s body is likely to respond to specific diets, supplements, and medications. In this way, test results can provide the naturopathic doctor with a “road map” for developing a comprehensive, personalized health action plan for each patient.

Individualized Preventive Medicine

This type of genetic testing replaces the guesswork of “assembly line medicine” with a precise genetic road map that identifies an individual’s health risks and provides information to help avoid potential “roadblocks” to good health.

Medicine for the Masses Preventive Medicine with Genetic Testing

  • Uses universal treatment guidelines for all individuals regardless of genetic differences. Disease prevention based on effectiveness for the greatest number of people.

  • Over-generalized approach that leads to conflicting reports on how to avoid heart disease, osteoporosis, and other common conditions.

  • Trial-and-error method for disease prevention, fraught with “paradoxes” that often confuse the decision-making process.

  • Assembly line recommenda- tions for diet, exercise, lifestyle and medications based on the “average” person
  • Uses a person’s genetic makeup to identify individual genetic disease risks and a specific action plan to achieve a healthier life. Disease prevention based on effectiveness for the individual.

  • Personalized approach that recognizes individual genetic factors and points to specific treatments that are most effective for each patient.

  • Direct personalized guidance to make clear, informed decisions about hormone replacement, diet, supplements, etc.

  • Customized recommendations for optimizing a person’s health through diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and medication changes based on genetic differences Setting a New Standard in Preventive Medicine.

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