CCranioSacral (Osteopathic) Therapy (or Cranial Therapy) is a gentle non-invasive therapy, in which the Osteopath uses light touch to assess the quality of the patients' Cranial Rhythm and compare it to what they consider to be a normal rhythm, they can then judge the state of the patient's body and how it is functioning.

American Osteopathic physician, Dr. William Garner Sutherland, discovered that there was a movement of the bones of the head (cranium). Dr. Sutherland focused on this involuntary movement takes place throughout life. It is like a rhythmic opening and closing which takes place around the joints between the bones.

From 1970 until now, much research has been ongoing. Some Osteopathic Researchers suggest that most of us experience physical trauma at birth; and that this trauma can impact on the level at which our bodies function throughout life. This discovery says that at birth it is possible that some distortion or warping pattern of the cranial bones can result in possible misalignment of the spinal bones. This misalignment of the spine almost always follows on from the cranial area, to which the spine is joined.

The importance of this discovery is that it was recognized that a particular anatomical alignment of the cranial bones that should exist if the involuntary movement is to function properly. This discovery and the Osteopathic therapeutics to be able to correct this problem has undoubtedly been great contribution to health restoration.

CranioSacral Osteopathic Therapy is a unique systematic therapy that unlocks the connection between the head and our health, at just about every level. It is therefore probably one of the most significant advances in healthcare delivery to have taken place in many years.

CranioSacral Osteopathic Therapy is a specialized form of Osteopathy that uses a combination of osteopathic and cranio-sacral techniques to provide a gentle non-obtrusive manipulation within the Cranial Sacral Area to calm, relax and heal using cranial-sacral balancing.

Most extended health insurance plans do cover osteopathic treatments, check with your provider to find out more.

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