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When getting a massage, it does much more for the body than simply taking it to a state of relaxation from the hectic everyday. A massage can also increase the blood flow in the body, which is said to accelerate the healing process. This is done without putting additional strain on the heart, as massage therapy will stimulate the nerves that control the blood vessels.

Furthermore, massage therapy will also aid in digestive problems that the body might endure, as well as help reduce emotional stress and tensions. A sense of relaxation is often achieved after a massage, so using massage as treatment for stress related cardio-vascular conditions and anxiety is quite rewarding. This is due to the belief that a massage stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonins, essentially preventing fibrosis and scar tissue.

Massages can be quite beneficial as treatment in correcting damaged soft tissues and tissue dysfunctions that are results of injuries. When muscles are intensely tightened, the muscles could be constricting blood vessels, creating larger problems for the body. Relaxing these tensions can be quite beneficial in relieving that temporary pain and prevent future health problems that could surface as a result of constricted blood vessels.

However, it is not just internally that a massage can be beneficial. Massage therapy can also help relieve permanent pains, including back pains, which often results in increased flexibility and range of motion, not to mention posture. The use of aromatherapy can also help stimulate the immune system, be a vital part in the treatment of depression, assist in the treatment of migraines and insomnia and other related sleep conditions.

Massage patients will find that their performances and attentiveness are enhanced. Massages can also be quite beneficial for pregnant women, who after the third trimester might begin to experience aches and discomfort. Thus, massages are quite beneficial, not only in terms of correcting damaged muscles and internal systems dysfunctions, but also as a method of relaxation in stressful and anxious individuals.

To schedule a massage session, please call us at (416) 913 4325.

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