Psychotherapy is a helping / healing modality that utilizes the established relationship between client and therapist to guide the client in making the necessary changes in life to lead to optimal wellness and happiness. Through the help of the therapist the client is made aware of some unhealthy ways of thinking, relating to the world and living in order to make positive changes.


People who seek therapy often have stress at work, in various relationships, and may have depression and anxiety or other mental health challenges. Psychotherapy can benefit people to have more awareness in order to change some patterns that may be contributing to places where they are stuck in their lives. The emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the person are considered and brought into balance.

Sometimes the client’s marriage partner or other family members are involved in therapy in order to provide optimal help. To benefit from psychotherapy, it is also important to consider all the choices and patterns in ones life such as physical health, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle.

It is important to consider other healing modalities that are offered a the clinic. The client needs to be motivated to and ready to make the necessary changes that lead to a richer and more fulfilling life.

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