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What is tuina


Tui Na massage can be performed seated or may be laid on a treatment bed, decided based on the most suitable and comfortable position for both patient and practitioner, and depending on the types of manipulations or techniques that are about to be applied on the patient.

Quite often Tui Na massage is combined with acupuncture, one after another, to maximize the best results, however, Tui Na can be done alone for those who does not require needling treatment.

Tui Na can be applied on top of loose clothing or bare skin (usually the back) using aromatic oil of their own preference to relax mind, body and reduce tension. The session can last any where in between 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the severity of the problem of the patient or the level of the pressure which practitioner applies.

Tui Na has no adverse side effects, although because it can be a powerful treatment in terms of re-adjusting the functions of the body, some patients may see an increase in frequency of visits to the bathroom, or may feel the build up and release of pressure throughout the body, or may feel slightly sedated immediately after treatment or may develop slight bruising (as blockage gets released) depending on the patient symptoms. The effects of a typical Tui Na treatment can last up to a week if the problem is not completely cleared up by then.

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