Our regulatory bodies restrict the use of testimonials on our website. Here are a few success stories, with all pertinent client information changed to protect our clients privacy.


Asthma Testimonials


A worried mother brought her daughter to the Nature's Intentions Naturopathic Clinic for her asthmatic symptoms. She suffered from chronic cough, fatigue, restlessness and anxiety, which affected her 10 year old’s performance in sports and school. She had difficulty participating on sports, had anxiety at school and sleepless nights. She had been prescribed steroid inhalers for her breathing problems by her pediatrician.

We treated her symptoms using holistic natural remedies. Her treatment plan consisted of diet changes, nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. Within two weeks of following her treatment plan, her mum noticed a huge increase in her daughter’s energy, her cough improved significantly, her sleep and anxiety symptoms improved tremendously. *

The clinic’s gentle and kind approach was essential while diagnosing this patient. Her treatment plan was one that we were able to follow and had a quick and noticeable improvement.

Depression Testimonials


This client in her 30’s was experiencing severe pain and heartburn every time she ate. She had no energy and was constantly depressed and experienced extremely high levels of stress and anxiety. Insomnia was a perpetual problem. Since she came to the clinic, after conducting a through intake and physical, with some testing, we created a naturopathic treatment plan. She longer experiences any stomach pain, feels healthier and has higher energy levels.

Each night she sleeps well and wakes up everyday feeling positive! The depression, anxiety and stress that plagued her everyday have DISAPPEARED and she feels like a new person. She was educated to view things in a positive light and that she can choose how she wants to feel everyday. *

A lady in her 40’s was suffering from foggy thinking, anemia, constant bloating, overall weakness, and had shortness of breath and had difficulty with breathing. These symptoms affected her job and her family. Her job performance became poor and she was feeling depressed because she couldn't accomplish much work for the day, she was not able to cook for her family in times when she was feeling weak and tired.

We did some laboratory tests based on her symptoms and health condition, we then gave her a treatment plan that consisted of diet changes, vitamins and supplements and a detox plan. Part of the treatment plan also consisted of first accurately diagnosing her food sensitivities and avoiding them. She was also given vitamins and supplements to improve her condition. Making her understand and knowing the reasons as to why she had these symptoms is what differentiated this clinic from others that gave her prescriptions without fully understanding her situation. *

In about 2 months after following a naturopathic treatment plan, SHE REGAINED HER STRENGTH, HAD SO MUCH ENERGY, CAN DO ALL HER DAILY WORK WITHOUT FEELING TIRED! Her job performance has IMPROVED! She can finish so much more work for the day now. She can still do some groceries after work, and cook for her family. Feeling much more energetic than before. Her memory has improved and she is quick to respond to any questions by e-mails, co-workers or group discussions at work. The naturopathic services provided have her helped a lot in all aspects. Now that she has been feeling so much better, so is working to improve career and is now planning to study - upgrade her job and career and change her life for the better. SHE IS VERY GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE HELP SHE WAS GIVEN AND SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN NATURAL MEDICINE WITH ME.

A distressed client had various health issues, mainly problems with her stomach, period and frequent headaches. It was horrible because she didn't always feel that she could be at the best of her performance, felt older than she was. At this clinic she felt that the Naturopathic Doctor was concerned about trying to find the root of the problem and fixing it, rather than just trying to medicate her and not finding the problem.

In about the 2nd week of following the naturopathic treatment plan she started to see an improvement. Her bowel movements were much better. After a bowel movement she usually felt much lighter and there was no more blood in her stools and no regular runny stools. She was relieved and more energetic. She felt as though there is a light at the tunnel with her health after so many disappointments. *

She really appreciated the help that she was given and felt that she now understood her health much better. She felt like taking charge of her health and being part in her recovery, rather than being a passive patient, or a lab experiment. She continues to refer her friends and family to try naturopathic healing for a change.

CONSTIPATED FOR 40 YEARS! This client came to our naturopathic clinic as a last hope for her digestive and constipation problems after losing so many years. For over 40 YEARS, she had needed laxatives to move her bowels as without them she could not move her bowels whatsoever. At this clinic, I assured her that there is another way although numerous doctors told her there was no solution other than the laxatives or complete removal of her bowels!!! With the laxatives, she experienced uncontrolled diarrhea. Within 1 MONTH of following our natural health plan, she started moving her bowels without the use of any laxatives. The client is very grateful of all the help she received and is very appreciative. *

THEY HAVE GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK! A powerful statement AND ITS TRUE. After suffering for years with INCREASING DEBILITATING SYMPTOMS OF FATIGUE, INTESTINAL PAIN, SEVERE HEADACHES AND CHRONIC CONSTIPATION, and seeing various other health care providers, this client came to our clinic and received a very comprehensive approach using diagnostic tools to get to the root cause of her symptoms, natural supplements, homeopathic medicines, acupuncture and massage. Four months late, she is active, FULL OF ENERGY, AND RESTORED TO OPTIMAL HEALTH. She is very grateful for the care she received and is very grateful. *

SEVERLY BLOATED! A female in her early 20’s came to our naturopathic clinic in July 2005 with complaints of severe bloating. We did some tests and results showed allergies to certain foods. She felt the services provided were wonderful in every way, she learned what foods she could and could not eat. She thoroughly enjoyed her visits to this naturopathic clinic and always walked out with a positive outlook and feeling healthy. She feels that the naturopathic services have made a big difference in her life and health.

CONSTIPATION IS A THING OF THE PAST! A client in her 40’s is very grateful for the services she received at the clinic. She has noticed remarkable changes in her physical and emotional wellbeing. All the negative feelings have been replaced with positive and she feels revitalized. This has been a very valuable experience for her and continues to refer clients who suffer from any physical ailments to the clinic to try naturopathy. *

Eczema Testimonials


BLOATED, TIRED AND ITCHY! A client suffering from eczema, indigestion, fatigue, feeling tired all the time, stomach bloating and cramping came to the Nature's Intentions Naturopathic Clinic seeking alternative help.

She was always feeling sick and had very low energy levels. At our initial consultation, we talked about her symptoms at length, and together we discussed how we could correct them effectively. Her treatment plan consisted of natural supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, along with cleansing for 30 days. She saw an improvement almost IMMEDIATELY! *

She feels much better and has never been happier with the results. She has lots of energy, she has no bloating or cramping in her stomach and barely has any eczema now! She tried something new as far as healing is concerned and had no regrets. It was the right decision for her and taking it one step at a time made the lifestyle changes so much easier.

Gastritis Testimonials


A client had battled with Gastritis (inflammation of stomach lining) for two years and had been told by her doctors that she might just have to live with it. After being on a holiday and having her stomach continually acting up, she decided she did not want to live with it anymore and decided to look for an alternative treatment.

Lucky for her, she came across our website and decided that she would give it a try.

After having done the appropriate tests and assessments, she was put on an individualized plan that was focused on treating her symptoms but also her lifestyle factors that were affecting her symptoms and her body’s ability to heal. Once she started the treatment plan, within just a few months with our naturopath’s patience and knowledge, the difference to her physical and mental well-being was truly amazing. She no longer suffers the stomach cramps and anxiety. She felt that it was wonderful to no longer have to worry when the next attack would occur. She feels that now she has her health back, and also has the tools necessary to deal with any stressful situations and has the ability to manage them well. *

A lady in her 20’s feels as though we made a profound impact on how on her life since she came to the Nature's Intentions Naturopathic Clinic, went back to school to become a registered Nutritionist, started paying more attention to her body, got rid of all the toxins in her food and environment, and really started to live a holistic natural life, which she doesn't believe she could have without our staff’s caring support.

She came back to see us once again to be supported and guided through her FIRST PREGNANCY, and she couldn't feel more comfortable in our care. We made the process easy, rewarding and comfortable making natural lifestyle and changes; she feels great and continues to enjoy our naturopathic services. *

A client in her 20’s started to the come to the clinic as she felt tired and her body ached, she had gone to many doctors who just thought that as she was getting older, these were merely just signs of aging. Well it had only been a month since started our treatment plan *, and since then she is happy to say that she is not aching ANYMORE, is not tired and most of all she feels so happy! She has lost a few pounds in the process and continues to come to the clinic for her overall health – in her own words – I could no’t ask for anything better.

PSORIASIS HELP! A gentlemen in his 40’s had been suffering from psoriasis for over a year. His arms, legs, chest, and back were covered with red itchy spots. After numerous tests and experiments with different foods and vitamins, we finally deduced what needed to be done. A year later he only had a few small spots on his calves and maybe a spot or two on his arms. The improvement was tremendous. Also his eating habits are so much better than they ever were before and energy levels improved tremendously by eating well-balanced meals. *

A client in his 20’s was experiencing a multitude of symptoms that he couldn't explain. From muscle and ache pain to depression and anxiety. We uncovered why he was feeling the way through various simple laboratory tests. We initially did a cleanse which helped him in unbelievable ways, it was hard for the client to explain the elation he felt since he has been on natural program. With all his symptoms are gone, he felt rejuvenated, having a new vitality and outlook on life. The client feels healed emotionally and physically and couldn't be happier. He feels like a whole new person since he started using our naturopathic services. *

He continues to recommend the clinic to anyone who is suffering from unexplained symptoms and want a natural way of dealing with them.

This client continues to enjoy good health for over one year after being treated at the Clinic. She embarked upon her journey to find an alternative health care provider, who embodied medical expertise and professionalism. From the moment she entered Nature's Intentions Naturopathic Clinic, she felt reassured. Her confidence in our health therapists increase as everyone took the time to listen and take a detailed description of what was going on in with her physical, mental and emotional body.

Through diagnostic tests we found the root causes of digestive illness that had been plaguing her for the last ten years. Our treatments were holistic; often times a combination of treatments such acupuncture, homeopathy, diet and supplements. With the medical expertise, holistic approach and professional integrity she felt her body healing itself. It has been a great healing journey that she highly recommends to anyone who wants to enjoy good health. *

FULL OF UNEXPLAINABLE RASHES ... BROKEN, FIX ME! A young female came to the clinic not understanding what was happening with her health, nor did her western doctors. We listened to her carefully, and put her on a detailed healing plan. After the first week, her symptoms that she had had for over one and a half years subsided. Through her helpful care she was able to take back control of her life. *

Insomnia Testimonials


CAN’T SLEEP, PLEASE HELP! A young man in his 20’s had tried a couple of sleeping medications and wasn't comfortable taking them at all. After proper intake and diagnosis, we effectively guided him through a transition to a healthier and balanced life with natural therapies leaving him feeling better during the day and sleeping much better at night, and needless to say, his sleep has been restored naturally without the use of any medications at all! *

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Testimonials

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A client in her 30’s came to the clinic for IBS. She suffered from IBS most of her life and had tried a number of different treatments, which had been quite ineffective. After a proper intake and diagnosis, we started her on a natural treatment plan, and in 2 months she noticed a significant improvement in her health and energy levels, which were a 100% better. There was a huge improvement in her digestive health and bowel function. *

Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials

Multiple Sclerosis

A client in his early 30’s was been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His symptoms included fatigue, lower back pain, blurry vision, headaches, weakness, lack of energy and painful legs. The severity of the symptoms prevented him from working, and he had to go on long-term benefits. He needed to recover to go back to work. Being on all sorts of Western Medications, he felt more sickness and very depressed!

We SYSTEMICALLY FOUND THE ROOT CAUSE OF HIS PROBLEMS, instead of covering up the symptoms, which his neurologist had done happily. We understood that most of his problems were imbalances in his energy, diet and emotions, and Western medicine didn’t acknowledge these simple factors. We created a suitable, systemic natural treatment plan for his body's specific needs. It started with first, a proper diagnosis of the energetic and nutritional state of his body. Then, we started weeding out food allergens with proper blood food intolerance tests. We then started a diet plan, acupuncture and nutritional supplementation, and he HAS NEVER FELT BETTER! WITHIN 2 MONTHS, he was definitely feeling better and able to return to work. He has been doing really well without the use of any prescription medication, which were expensive and ineffective and had many unsafe side effects.

He now feels like a new person, the way he did before MS* came along. He has the energy to carry out daily activities and enjoy his life again. He never thought it possible after suffering for more than a year. His back and legs are NO LONGER PAINFUL. His transient headaches are gone. Most of all, he no longer feels the overwhelming fatigue! His health has improved drastically, not only with respect to multiple sclerosis, but all aspects of his health (digestion and proper elimination of toxins in the body). *

Menopause Testimonials


1. A lady in her mid 50’s came to the clinic with menopause symptoms that affected various aspects of her life. We checked her hormones after our comprehensive intake. After balancing them with proper natural remedies, she now has normal balanced life again. Her hormones are well balanced, and has also helped her libido. *

2. INSOMNIAC AND MENOPAUSAL - A client in her 50’s was experiencing menopausal symptoms and chronic sleep deprivation. After proper diagnosis and hormone testing, we determined that her hormones were quite imbalanced. By the third week of following our natural personalized treatment, she experienced notable changes. Her chronic sleep disturbance improved by 70% and continued to improve. Menopausal symptoms have virtually disappeared, there was a general sense of energy and well being. The patient was quite satisfied with our thorough and knowledgeable application of Naturopathic Medicine.

Over a short period of time she was able to improve her overall health; become more aware and in tune with her body and the effects of food (different foods) can have on her body. Overall her health has improved tremendously and she felt emotionally and physically energized, positive and motivated. *

Quit Smoking

A woman in her 40’s had been smoking for a better part of her life. Being a smoker made her lungs sore, made her feel guilty and her partner didn't like it either. It lowered her self- esteem as a person. She had tried to quit unsuccessfully a few times before she came to the Nature's Intentions Naturopathic Clinic. She found our approach to healing quite very different – We combined acupuncture and hypnosis and natural supplements which helped her quit smoking WITHIN 2 WEEKS of starting the program. *

Her health is much better now that she has quit smoking, HER LUNGS FEEL BETTER, SHE IS ABLE TO SWIM FASTER, AND HER PARTNER IS HAPPIER. She doesn't have to hide herself to smoke from her kids and then feel guilt. She doesn't feel self conscious about smoking in public and HER SELF ESTEEM IS HIGHER. SHE IS VERY PLEASED WITH THE SERVICES, AND SHE FELT NO PRESSURE, JUST SUPPORTED.

A female in her 20’s had a wonderful experience coming to see us. She came to the clinic back in 2006 to quit smoking (she enrolled herself in our smoking cessation program), and within two weeks she quit smoking and has been smoke free for 2 years now! *

Yeast Infection

A young female in her 20’s was suffering from bladder infections, tiredness, drowsiness, constipation and yeast infections, and felt sick overall. These symptoms were taking over her life and others because she was constantly talking about them. She decided to seek alternative help after having tried all sorts of antibiotics and various medications - most of which did nothing! We conducted series of laboratory / medical tests to determine what is wrong with her body before starting her on any natural supplements.

Her course of natural treatment plan consisted of first scientific tests, supplements and diet. Within 2 months, she felt much better. It's been 4 MONTHS NOW SINCE SHE GOT A URINARY TRACT INFECTION AND SHE FEELS GREAT! *

* DISCLAIMER: Individuals results may vary from client to client, and results / stories not intended to promote services or products and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases.