Our naturopath will help you diagnose or confirm accurately if you have candidiasis. If you think you may have it, please consult the naturopathic doctor or your medical doctor. The following methods of diagnosis are used:

  1. Patient history and physical exam – diet, lifestyle, recent antibiotic use, etc.

  2. Candida Questionnaire

  3. Antibody and antigen levels in blood for Candida

  4. Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

  5. Wet mount: Scrapings obtained from skin, nails, or oral or vaginal mucosa may be examined under a microscope for pseudohyphae

  6. Urinalysis (UA) positive for Candida species may predict 38% - 80% of systemic candidiasis. Imaging Studies: Chest X-ray (CXR) may be helpful in diagnosis of pulmonary candidiasis

  7. Endoscopy: To diagnose Candida Esophagitis

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